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Mean Alzheimer's Spell Broken

We were at an Alzheimer's unit for their Christmas party for the residents and family. I was in the lounge room that had all the deserts in them. There was a lady there that would not smile for anybody, not even her husband. She was mean in a good way, fussy and short tempered. As she came in the room, I ask her to sit on my knee and get a picture with Santa. She said "NO" and went to her table to eat some cake.

On her way out I ask her again to get a picture with Santa. She said "ok" and "I hope I break your knee"! She got about 3 feet from me and I said "wait," o you have your depends on," she said "what did you say"?, and I repeated what I had said. She said "why do you want to know that"! I told her that I didn't want her to pee on my knee. She looked at me then smiled and even started to laugh. We got a great picture and her husband said what did you say to her and I told him. They were all laughing in the room. Made a memory that was not expected because she had not done that in years.

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